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Multiple Pathways at a Glance

What is Multiple Pathways?

Multiple Pathways (MP) is an alternative education program within Noble High School. It is designed to serve those students who need something different than the traditional high school experience in order to reach their full potential. 


Students are never forced to join Multiple Pathways. Rather, we love that students choose to join this program in order to become their best selves. 


Multiple Pathways serves students in grades 10-12, with about fourteen students per grade level. 


MP has six teachers: two English teachers, one social studies teacher, one science teacher, one physical education/health teacher, and one math teacher. 


All MP classes take place in the MP pod, which has the same design as all other pods in Noble High School. 

What makes Multiple Pathways different

from a traditional high school experience?

Community comes first in Multiple Pathways. We believe that in order for students to learn at their full potential, they must feel comfortable with, connected to, and supported by their peers and teachers. Accordingly, we spend a lot of time fostering that community and doing activities that reinforce it over the course of the year. 


We understand that the traditional high school experience does not work for all learners. We know it is incumbent upon teachers to create a high school experience that meets the needs of our students.


MP has a significantly lower student to teacher ratio than the traditional high school does. This low ratio allows for teachers to get to know their students in a meaningful way, provide extra help, and plan activities/field trips that would otherwise be logistically difficult. 


We believe that the outdoors provides a meaningful context to connect to ourselves and others, so we emphasize outdoor education and working with our hands.  We believe that these activities offer a chance for students to demonstrate mastery of skills in a concrete way that boosts confidence and self-efficacy. This growth can then be transferred to other contexts such as the classroom. These educational experiences happen both on campus and on field trips. 

How does a student get into Multiple Pathways?

  1. Finish reading this page to fully understand what Multiple Pathways is

  2. Student must complete an application

  3. Parent or guardian must complete an application

  4. Students must interview with the MP director and/or teacher during the last couple of weeks of school

  5. Acceptance calls made the first week of summer

  6. Students who owe credits must make up at least one credit during summer school

  7. Begin the school year in the fall with Multiple Pathways

  8. Parent/Guardian and student sign the MP Student Handbook

  9. INCOMING SOPHOMORES: Must participate in an overnight field trip at the beginning of the school year. Students who fail to attend the trip will be removed from the program.

Is there a different diploma for Multiple Pathways students?

No. Students who are in the Multiple Pathways program get the exact same Noble High Diploma as all other students. 

What is your cell phone policy?

The MP cell phone policy is more strict than that of the traditional high school. MP students are required to turn their cell phones over to their teachers for significant portions of the day. In cases where students have MP classes back-to-back, they will not have their cell phones during passing periods.


We understand that families may sometimes have urgent concerns that they need to communicate to their students. If this is the case, parents should call the Noble High School office (207-676-2843) and ask for the appropriate extension. 


Students who fail to follow the cell phone policy will be removed from the program.

What is your attendance and homework policy?

A student-loved policy is that MP teachers do not give homework. This means that attendance during the school day is incredibly important. Accordingly, students who fail to have strong attendance may be removed from the program. 

What does an MP student’s schedule look like?

The Multiple Pathways director can provide specific information, but here is a rough overview:


  • English

  • Science (Grade 10: Biology, Grade 11: Chemistry, Grade 12: Physics)

  • Social Studies

  • Math (Grades 10 and 11)

  • Health and Physical Education (Grade 10)

  • Extended Learning Opportunities (Grade 10)

  • Outdoor Adventures (Grade 11) 

For questions, please contact the program director, Ben Chase:                     207-604-8577 (call or text)

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