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21st Century Learning Expectations


A1.  Effective Communication:  Communicates clearly and effectively in a variety of formats.

                     i.  Written Communication

                     ii.  Presentations

A2.  Critical Thinking:  Creatively and accurately applies content knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve novel problems

A3.  Creative Use of Resources:

                    i.  Research–  Uses books, other library resources, interviews, and technology effectively to perform research; Integrates  and applies information across  disciplines;

                    ii. Technology-    Uses technology to research, solve problems, and design  presentations, documents, and other products in a legal and ethical fashion.

                    iii. Design and Professionalism – Creates neat, well-designed, and professional  products.

A4.  Work Habits:  Demonstrates that he or she is a self-directed learner by completing work on time and  maintaining an effective organizational system.


S1.  Collaboration:  Interacts, collaborates, and communicates effectively with others.

S2.  Social Responsibility and Awareness:  Manages personal behavior effectively with  consideration for the community.



C1.  Informed Citizenship:  Exemplifies the characteristics of an informed voter by demonstrating an   understanding of governmental processes, global issues, the challenges and  opportunities associated with diversity, and the impact of personal actions on the  wider community. *

*Students will demonstrate proficiency in the Informed Citizenship expectation by successfully completing their Social Studies coursework for senior year.

Approved: 5/2014

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