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Community Update

April 1, 2020

Dear NOBLE community,

I hope you are all fairing physically and emotionally well.  I want to thank you for your flexibility and support during the COVID-19 epoch.  I applaud students, families, and staff for your continued optimism, words of support and encouragement, and efforts to do your part to reduce the potential spread of the virus.

Governor Mills has extended the shelter in place order through May 1, 2020.  That means the earliest possible date schools could reopen is Monday, May 4.   In the potential that schools could restart on that date, we are adjusting our cleaning protocols.  Starting Monday, April 6 we will move to a “clean and close” protocol. That means that classrooms and hallways will be fogged with hospital-grade disinfectant, which air dries.  Then pods, classrooms, hallways, etc. will be closed, so that custodial staff do not have to continuously redouble their efforts.   

Also in Governor Mills’ communications, her agency shared the Department of Homeland Security’s posting of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.  I wish to thank and tip my cap to our Essential Services Providers: custodians, food service, transportation, payroll, technology, human resources, administrators, and others who are performing their civic duty.  A sincere THANK YOU to our frontline employees. You are keeping schooling viable!

Lastly, following is a reminder of the changes to the spring school calendar:

  • April 17 & 20, Patriots Day and the preceding Friday, will be no student /staff days. That allows a four-day respite.

  • April 21, 22, 23, and 24 will be remote school student /staff days.

  • May 22 & 25, Memorial Day and the preceding Friday, will be no student /staff days. That allows a second four-day respite. 

The K-11 school year, whether we return to school or not this spring, will end on June 10 (half day).  Graduation is still scheduled for June 12.

In closing, be well and STAY NOBLE!


Steve Connolly

Superintendent of Schools

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